Breast augmentation during summer

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- Food can get spoilt due to the temperature and humidity. Can the temperature and humidity affect the breast augmentation wound as well?

According to medical basic knowledge, if the body’s metabolism functions properly then it cannot get attacked by the germs easily Therefore, the person’s physical body status is more important than temperature / humidity. So the hot weather cannot have any influence on the wound of the normal healthy person unless you put some rotten food on the wound.

However, one cannot say that the temperature / humidity does not have any influence on the healing process. Warm temperature leads to better blood circulation therefore, this is more positive for the healing of the wound. Also, an appropriate level of humidity can help generate the skin quicker therefore this level of humidity is necessary.

In opposite, the blood vessels tend to retract in the cold weather, limiting the blood circulation and leading to the blockage of immune cells supporting the wound. Physiologically, the healing process takes longer during the cold weather than hot.

Also, the dry conditions do not provide enough liquid on the wound that is already dry. You might think that wet scar might lead to more discharge of substance from the scar but the scar needs more liquid in order to heal quickly and better. Scar treatment patches help the scar remain in humid condition.

The incidence rate of inflammation / infection does not increase due to hot and humid weather. Not enough provision of oxygen and nutrition can lead to worsening effect. However, this becomes a whole different story if you consider freshness. If you have compression bra on for a week with taping on the scars, you might feel uncomfortable and it is suffering to maintain such dressing on you the whole time. You might want to take off the tape quickly or even your compression bra off. You might also want to take a shower. Such factors make you feel really uncomfortable.

If it is possible, it is best that you avoid any work that you might sweat on during the hot weather for at least 3 days after the breast augmentation. You can undress the compression bra and take shower once you get off the early stages in recovery, therefore the healing process is not so different from other times.

If you have plans in going to the water park, it is best if you put some water resistant taping to cover the wound for at least a week after the augmentation. If it has a month after the surgery, it is ok to go inside the water without any taping. But is would consume some more time for you to go scuba diving, etc.

Today’s topic was on breast augmentation during the summer. Hope it has helped you out.

Thank you. Have a good day.

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