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First, I would like to share about constricted breasts. (Today’s topic is a little difficult to understand. Please ask me any questions after reading the contents)

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Constricted breasts happen inherently. There are different cases. In one case, your breast might look like it only has a root. In another, you might see a breast that is shaped upwards only. I think that the connective tissues (collagen fiber / bundle) have some influence on the structure and formation. The tissue that shapes the breast become tight and pulls the breast making it look constricted or conical.

There are other terms such as tubular breast, snoopy breast, and conical breast. We also call this subformation of the bottom tissue of the breast.

Most of the patients with constricted breasts do not know the exact characteristics and think that it is caused due to subformation.

Common characteristics are wide and swollen looking areola, widened separated breasts, small breast tissue, high inframammary fold, small area at the bottom of the breast. Severe case can hinder breastfeeding as well. But there is no influence on pregnancy and giving birth.

Those with constricted breasts have short distance between the nipple and the inframammary fold. The skin on this part is tight as well. This is why the bottom part of the breast cannot be visible and one cannot look glamorous.

The solution for constricted breast is breast implant. Implant can be used to disperse the tightness of the breast.

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If you skip this stage and just use the implant, the tissue at the bottom part of the breast do not get improved. Therefore, this results in worsening the constricted breasts.

The surgeon needs to hold onto the bottom part of the breast, cut off enough fiber and other tissue so that the breast can intake the implant with enough extendibility. This requires dual plane augmentation.

If the implant is located under the pectoralis muscle, there cannot be enough gravity or pressure on the bottom part of the breast, therefore the dual plane procedure is necessary.

Also, the sagging breast can be corrected as well. As I have stated in other posts earlier, dual plane makes the pectoralis muscle lift up improving on the sagging breast.

This was a brief summary on the constricted + sagging breast. I hope the contents are clear.

This is all for today. Thank you.

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