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How to prevent bleeding during breast augmentation

Surgery is an act of open reduction in order to treat the patient. Internal medicine does not involve any bleeding but surgery does. This is how we differentiate the two.

This is why bleeding is always associated with surgery. If there is no blood, this is not a surgery, it would be physical therapy, internal treatment, etc.There is some contraction to 'no bleeding' in a surgery. It is rather important to think about 'how to minimize bleeding' in a surgery...Breast augmentation requires  using of implant and in order to put in this implant, we need to conduct incision. Bleeding is caused in this incision as well. But breast augmentation does not lead to much bleeding. Breast augmentation, therefore, does not cause much bleeding in its procedure.

But then, there are many doctors who fall into this trap.
There is not much bleeding during the surgery, but the patients come back to the hospital because of the much bleeding caused.
Implant is not a part of your body, and it plays independently inside the body. if there is bleeding near the body part, the body tends to suck in the blood back in. However, if there is bleeding near the implant, the implant cannot do so. Such blood gathers and solidifies at one side of the implant.

Blood gathers on the bottom side forming hematoma that then pushed the implant upwards.

All the doctors who conducted breast augmentation have experienced this. This is why they all contemplate about how to stop bleeding and forming of hematoma after the breast augmentation.

Some doctors spray blood coagulant around the implant and close up the incision. Some also spray medication that contracts the blood vessels. There is not just one method on how to avoid bleeding. The doctor must consider the bleeding problem before the surgery starts.

Most young people have elastic muscle and fascia tissue cells. The blood wall that penetrates the muscle is also elastic. This is why it does not get damaged easily during the surgery.  But older people have less elastic muscle and blood wall. Little damage on these parts in order to gain more visibility during the surgery, leads to bleeding. The blood flows little by little and this makes it more difficult to stop the bleeding. But, if there is bleeding in elastic cells, it is quicker to stop this bleeding and also the doctor can recognize the bleeding rather quickly which makes the treatment quicker as well.

We need to be more careful of those with less elastic tissue cells and also be more careful in pressurizing for bleeding. There are certain know-hows that come with experience to minimize the bleeding. Also the relationship between the volume of the implant and the size of the pocket is important. If the pocket is larger than the implant volume, there would be less pressure effect providing more space for the hermatoma to form. The ideal match would be the pocket size equaling the implant volume. Pressure bandage or pressure bra must be used after the breast augmentation and there must be pressure from all sides.

If there is more pressure on one spot than the other, the blood will gather on the spot with less pressure. Hemovac drain cannot stop the bleeding. It only helps to dispose the blood if the bleeding occurs. If the blood vessels look weak and if there is a chance of delayed bleeding, then the doctor should place the hemovac drain. There are some advertising on the internet that reads we do not use hemovac drain because we are skillful. This basically is neglecting basic principle of open reduction, surgery. It is not good to use hemovac drain every time, but it is a problem if you don't use it when you have to.

All patients feel fear when facing a surgery. It is only natural to feel scared that something is cutting through their bodies. (It is scary to open your mouth in the dentist also) There are other fears that build up as well such as "What if I don't wake up after the anesthesia? What if things go wrong during the surgery? What if it hurts a lot?"  Bleeding cannot be avoided in a surgery therefore treating that bleeding is very important in a surgery in order to avoid all the problems. Bleeding causes inflammation, inconvenience and consumes more time in healing. However, there is no surgery that can avoid bleeding but we can minimize it as much as possible.

This is all for today. Thank you very much.

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