Conditions for quick recovery from breast augmentation

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Why is 24 hour recovery important?

My patients tell me that they come to me because of the quick recovery from the breast augmentation.
Today, let’s look at why quick recovery time is important and how this can be achieved.

Here is the summary of 24 hour recovery system so that you can understand it easily.

Whatever surgery it is, a good surgery is one that least bothers your daily routine. This applies especially well for the cosmetic surgery more so than other health or physical function related surgeries.

The discomfort and pain from the surgery should be minimized and the social or economic activities of the person should not be restricted.

A surgery that does not penetrate important parts of the body and that ends quickly so that the patient can get back to daily life quickly leads to less possibility of complications also. If the night is long, then you will dream more. If the surgery takes long time and is very complicated, there is much possibility of increasing problems.

A world renowned breast augmentation specialist, Dr. John B. Tebbetts from Dallas, US, first introduced up with the 24 hour recovery system.

24 recovery needs careful analysis of the surgery, clear understanding of the patients, good preparation of the anesthesia and the surgery, and well prepared manpower that helps coordinate the surgery properly from the start to finish without any hesitation.

In order for 24 hour recovery to be successful,

Accurate planning before the surgery is very important
Everything needs to be decided in the first meeting with the patient.
What type of implant to use?
Is the size appropriate, what spec or profile to use?
How the symmetry should be controlled,
What is the problem that needs to be solved foremost?
Where to approach for the incision?
If the wrong decision is made in any of the question above, the surgery will be complicated and the recovery would be painful and slow to the patient. There would be higher possibility of side effects as well.

It is better to choose the inframammary fold approach for 24 hour recovery. This applies more so if the anatomical implant is used.
The inframammary fold approach leads to accurate and no fault surgery.
In oppose to this, if the approach is made far away from the breast, the surgery becomes more complicating, longer and the number of variable for the surgery increases. There would be more pain and the recovery takes longer than 24 hours.
I approach from the armpit often, and there is higher possibility of fault with this approach than the inframammary fold approach.
There is no one who wants to take risk on the surgical bed. Accuracy and certainty are very important in a surgery therefore there are many doctors around the world who choose and apply the inframammary fold approach.

A doctor’s technique is important for the 24 hour recovery. The doctor should not give any trauma to the patient and have the skills to perform the surgery quickly and accurately. The procedure should be conducted according to the surgery plan and should not be influenced by any variables caused during the course of the surgery. In fact, this is what determines the result of the surgery.

Also, other surrounding variables such as the surgery environment, tools and devices, endoscope, anesthesia and the experienced nursing staff are all important for the 24 hour recovery

There are many who are misunderstood about the 24 hour recovery system.
A quick surgery and recovery are necessary to result in a beautiful looking breast with no complications.

Quick recovery is not the ultimate goal. Quick recovery is necessary for the good outcome of beautiful looking breasts. Quick recovery means that the surgery was done without any problems or hesitations. This leads to less side effects as well.

Today’s post was for those who perceive that the breast augmentation is something that is scary and painful. The recent advances in the breast augmentation is the 24 hour recovery system.

Thank you for reading. Have a great day.

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