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Implant profile in breast augmentation, KIES-U breast augmentation Korea 

Implant profile for breast augmentation (water drop type)
I have shared the below image below, let’s look at it again.

All breast augmentation implants, for example, when are all cohesive gel 300cc, i.e same volume, have different diameter (bottom length) and height (thickness). We call this profile.
Let’s compare 275cc implants of a low profile from Mentor, and THS high profile from PolyTech.

Mentor’s low 275 has base diameter of 13.2cm and height of 2.9cm. Polytech’s high 275 has a base of 10.5cm and a height of 4.5cm.

What would happen if you put in Polytech’s high 275? The nipple would stick outward. The cup size would increase a lot. A person with AA size would have C size. However, the breast would not look to have a large volume.

What about Mentor’s low 275? The nipple would not stick outward. The cup size would not increase much also. However, the volume would increase a lot and the breast would look wide.

How about Mentor Mid 275cc? The base diameter is 11.7 and the height is 3.5. The cup size would increase with more volume.

Breast augmentation Korea

In reality, a lot of the patients use low or mid profile when getting breast augmentation. Korean patients do not have wide enough chest to use low profile high volume implants. Also, there are many of those who want high volume compared to the past.

Therefore, in order to use a larger size, there are many who choose mid-high profile over the low ones.

Extra high is only used in special cases. For example, if you have very narrow chest but want large breasts, you need to use the extra high profile.

Let’s say that there is a patient with a breast diameter of 11cm and want large sized implants. 250cc would be appropriate for 11cm. But large size refers to 300cc. This should not be used but the patient insists.
Natrelle’s high profile 300cc implant has a diameter of 11cm and height of 4.2cm.

The diameter is appropriate so the patient can use the 300cc that she wants. (Of course, the diameter is not the answer to everything. The doctor makes the final decision by considering skin elasticity, sagginess, etc)

Such implant might be able to satisfy the patient at the current moment, however this changes over time.
The implant continuously pressurizes the original breast. The breast contracts and after a year or two, the breast becomes smaller than the original size.
This breast pressure and contraction makes people avoid using high profile implants.

Another core factor is how tight the breast skin is. If the skin is too tight, the patient cannot use high or low large sized implants. If one forces such large implant into the breast, then the contraction of the breast leads to change in shape of the ribs as well.

Following is the summary of the core points on today’s post. (Point Up!)

- The size of the implant is one-dimensionally determined by breast diameter in cm.

- If the skin of the breast is tight, then smaller size is used. If the skin is loose, then a larger sized one can be used.

- If the patient was larger volume, then +30cc can be applied.

-  If the patient has broad chest and shoulders, she needs low profile. If the patient has narrow shoulders and chest, she needs mid profile. High profile is only used during special cases.

I think this is enough explanation on the implant size for now. If you have understood the contents of this post, I think that you can say that you know much about breast augmentation. Have you all understood the contents?

This is all for today. Thank you very much.

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  1. Good read. I read that breast implants are medical devices that are implanted under the breast tissue or under the chest muscle to increase breast size.

    breast augmentation Philippines

  2. Hi there. I’ve recently had breast augmentation but my sister had rhinoplasty about a year ago. I really like me result. It really pays to do your homework and plan well. good luck!

    breast augmentation at a young age

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    Thank You For An Informative article! Keep doing good work! Get Natural looking Flawless figure with low profile Breast ImplantLow Profile Breast Implant

  4. Nice blog, and info, Low profile breast implants are wider in the base of the implants which reduces the projection (height) of the implants.

  5. Hi Great article, Low profile breast implants are wider in the base of the implants which reduces the projection (height) of the implants.


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