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Korean made cohesive gel implant, Bellagel, and Motiva from Costa Rica 

Today I would like to introduce new implants that might be certified and distributed in our country this year.
One is made in Korea, Bellagel, and the other is from a company with HQ in Costa Rica called Motiva.

Currently there are 5 implants that are distributed and sold at our country.
Mentor from US was not a large company but it was acquired by a multinational company, Johnson and Johnson leading to a wide international distribution of its goods.

Allergan also from US was called Mcgan before and named its product Natrelle..
Mcgan implants also have long history as Mentor implants do. It produced silicone products and was acquired by many other companies in the past. Recently, it was acquired by Allergan that produces Botox. Currently it does not use the name Mcgan but uses the name Natrelle from Allergan.

Silimed’s Mentor was started in Brazil and is a top 3 company globally after Mentor and Allergan. In order to expand its presence in US, it moved the HQ from Brazil to US. Since, it has used the name, Sientra, simultaneously.

In 2012, Mentor received FDA certification on anatomical silicone gel implants before Allergan could leading to an upset over various US companies.

These are multinational companies. The rest are rather small sized.
There are various silicone gel companies in France such as, EuroSilicone, Arion, Sebbin, etc. Sebbin products are imported to Korea.

Polytech from Germany is also imported to Korea. Polytech is famous for its polyurethane coated skin (capsular contracture free) but this is not certified in Korea therefore only the silicone gel type implants are imported.

All these 5 implants are high quality ones but have their advantages and disadvantages. It is not true that a particular brand might provide continuous good result but another might not.

Getting a good result from surgery is like pressing on one side of the balloon that leads to bulking of the other side. If you focus on just one side of a problem, another side might have a new one.

I do not prefer a particular brand over another. I select and match an implant according to the body shape, and chest of the patient.

When the patients ask “which brand is good?”, I always give the same answer that one should choose the implant according to the condition of the breasts.

Local implant is produced by Hans Biomed and the developing time was about 12 years. Hans Bio is in KOSDAQ and is financially stable.

Bellagel is not in the market yet, but has been exported to Latin America and other countries for the past 2~3 years.

I have high expectation for Bellagel in that since the HQ and the manufacturing plant are in Korea, the company would be able to communicate a lot with the doctors that might help with the development of the product.

Also all of the products imported to our country have been from the western countries therefore it was not perfectly fitting to Koreans or other Asians. Now, more fitting implants can be produced on the basis of data of Korean patient bodies.
There would not be other problems such as A/S or stock due to different demand in size.

However, one concern is that the implant is put into the body for the lifetime therefore a doctor needs to have long enough experience with the product to recommend and use it. But, nobody has any experience with Bellagel.
The history of the product is rather short, therefore, require more time to be applied on the patients.

Motiva from Costa Rica is under the veil. We do not have any information on when the product was developed, which doctors have used it, and what the advantages or disadvantages are. I am not sure such a product needs to be certified at our country.
I think that some clinics would promote this product by stating that it has an indicator on the product therefore one can know right away if there is something wrong with the product.

But as stated earlier, Motiva is an implant that needs to be in the body for a lifetime, therefore, it requires much time and experience to know the advantages and disadvantages of the product.

It takes more than a day or two for the doctors to try different methods, apply the implant to a patient, gather structure data, to find out the advantages and improvement points.

If you say that this is a product from Costa Rica, that you have not used it in the past but recommend it to the patient, do you think that the patient would like to try it?
I would not. It would be difficult for me to recommend such a product.

Today we posted on cohesive gel implant Bellagel from Korea dna Motiva from Costa Rica. Thank you for reading.
Have a great day.

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