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How Soon Can I Swim After Breast augmentation?

This seems a little funny but this is a question that I get asked often. There are many patients who want to wear swim suit to show off their new body and so they ask me this question a lot.

1 day after breast augmentation

If there is a scar on the skin, there would be bleeding and the blood sticks together making a blood clot. This blood clot blocks germs getting into the body.
If this remains for 48 hours, even the water cannot penetrate through it.
This is very natural and it is also a natural healing.
But if you have a surgery, we stop the bleeding and stich up the scar so that the scar is in its minimum.

We call this in beauty surgery, a ‘Water tight closure’. If you get the Water tight closure, you can have a shower right away.

(Showering after the breast augmentation surgery) ; However, the doctor may not allow you to take a shower on the very same day because the dressing that you have on the scar may get wet and fall off. It is not because that the water is bad for the wound.

There are some patients who want to have shower right away after the surgery. These patients use water-proof band aid or wraps to have shower right away.

Going into a swimming pool is a little different from showering. If you stay in the water for a long time, your skin rises up and also this might have some effect on the scar. Therefore, we recommend that the patients stay off the water for about a week.

You can go in and get out of the swimming pool for a short period of time. If you have water-proof band aid on, you can go into the swimming pool after 2 to 3 days.

If you want to stay in the swimming pool for a long time or have a long bath, they I would suggest the patient to do so after 2 weeks.

Also, if you go to a swimming pool or the beach, you might want to wear a tight swim ware, however, this is not good for you. Your clothes must be lose in order for the scar to be healed quickly.

Sweating does not have any problem on the scar. It does not cause inflammation or infection, so you do not need to worry about sweating.

Shall we summarize everything?

If you want to have shower on the day of the surgery, use a water-proof band aid or wrap.
Have a shower after 2 days.
You can go to the swimming pool after a week.
Bathing can be done after 2 weeks.

Do not wear tight swim suit or clothes in the first few days. Wear lose clothing.

If you have further questions, please refer to and use the homepage.

Thank you very much.

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