Breast augmentation in Korea - Breast surgery is another type of medical treatment

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Some people who come for breast augmentation in our clinic (KIES-U Gangnam Plastic surgery clinic) just think that it is getting the breasts larger by spending some amount of money.

Such perception becomes more solid as they visit more clinics. When they read reviews on breast augmentation in Korea on the internet, they think that they will get the same result after the breast augmentation. Such perception can make you think that breast augmentation is something that you can easily shop for.

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The first step in treatment is finding out what the problem is, but most of the patients who come to visit us(KIES-U Plastic surgery Korea) do not think so. We talk about the problems and the methods in solving the problems. Then we share some choices that could be made. This is the process of talking to the patient at first.

But, they feel offended in knowing that they have certain problems and that the doctors just point out the problems to them.

Accurate consultation, the effort for treatment can lead to worse result. Then, why does this happen?

The patients who come for breast augmentation in Korea are not confident about their breasts therefore I think that they tend to become uncomfortable if I share too much medical talk. You might be surprised at this but this is the reality.

This is different from keeping the problem that you have and visiting the doctor when the problem is at the worst state. If you do not treat illness, you might be paralyzed or die but if you do not fix unpretty looking breasts, nothing radical happens to you.

But this is my thinking all the time. Breast augmentation involves cutting and bleeding. This cannot be the same as shopping in a department store for an ear ring or bag. The doctor must share the contents that may not satisfy the patient.

Also, all bodies are different. The process of the augmentation may look alike abut they are all different. The process, method, and after treatment all must be different according to the patient. A body is not as simple as it looks.

Therefore it is important that you talk to the doctor about your body characteristics, the best method for your body, and how you can recover. If you only talk about the brand and the product, then there might be some big problems after the surgery.

'I have never heard of this before the surgery ', 'I didn’t read about his in other reviews, what is happening to me? What is wrong?”

When this happens, the patient can lose trust for the doctor and become highly unsatisfied. Therefore, whoever comes for consulting on the breast augmentation in Korea must change their perceptions.

Breast augmentation is one of many medical treatments. 

You must share the problems that you have, what kind of differences you have compared to others, your body characteristics with the specialists (along with other basic factors) and listen to the best option that the doctor will have. You need to have two-way communication in order to reflect the content on the surgery.

There is no other patient just like you.

Even the twins are different. (Only their genes are the same and they have different eating habits and so on)

You must know the difference and plan the procedure accordingly.

Long before in the clinics, the doctor would wait for there to be 3 ~ 4 patients. These patients would be gathered to one place and the doctor would share how the augmentation would take place. Then the nurses would schedule these patients.

We cannot say that this is absolutely wrong but there are many methods to breast augmentation. We cannot say that one method is the best one for all different cases. A particular method may apply to one patient but not the other. The implant is the same and so is the incision method.

Some patients have thicker fat than others, and some have more elastic skin layer that others. There are some patients who come during pregnancy and others who come after the pregnancy and breast feeding.

There are patients who removed a lump but have come for breast augmentation with the lump again. There are patients who removed some breast fat due to breast cancer that they suffered. Some have different types of shapes and some already had pretty looking breasts.

Some have severe case of bird chest but some have concave chests. Some have sagging breasts and some with breasts that are positioned real high. Some have different volumes on each side and some with different degree of sagging. Some have different locations of the nipple and some have different chest structure.
All these lead to different methods.

We consult or communicate with the patients so that we become aware of their situations and also make them understand how the surgical procedure and recovery can be carried out. This is really important. The breasts are hidden behind the clothes and are not exposed like the eyes or the nose. Therefore people are not aware of it as much as they are with the faces.

It is important to know that accurate and the best result possible can happen through clear understanding and communication.

This is all for today. I hope that the contents have helped you out.
Thank you.

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