Structural nose surgery – Importance of physiological match to avoid complications such as inflammation

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The doctors are mostly worried about the inflammation and bending in a nose surgery (especially cosmetic surgery).
Why do these complications (inflammation, bending, changing, twisting) exist? I would like to share about this today.

How is the Physiological match?

The first problem is that the foreign substances enter the body and restrict normal circulation.
The nose is a part of the body, and all the parts of the body has blood circulating with supply of nutrition and oxygen, and removing of body waste.
If there is no such circulation in any part of the body, then the body becomes weak to

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Implant / Body waste, other waste, carbon dioxide / Oxygen, nutrition, immune system
It’s like having a upper pipe and a lower pipe, but there is something stuck in between. Although there is water circulation, the circulation is slowed down by the substance that is stuck. What happens to the water that does not flow down the basin? The basin would turn dirty and mold can be formed. If you use the water and let it flow down, this would not happen.

Rhinoplasty Korea KIES-U

As the implant gets bigger or thicker, such delay in circulation becomes worse. This would lead to damage in supply of nutrition and in removing waste. Finally such happening would cause weakened immune system and higher possibility to infection.
The usage of implant does not always lead to infection. There are other variables as well. The more important issue would be how well the implant physiologically matches the surrounding skin tissue in a nose surgery.

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The implant should not make a dead space between the bone below and the skin tissue on top of it. It should structurally fit into the body. Also, there should be minimum bleeding in the desquamated skin around the implant. If there is much damage and bleeding, then there would be much capsular formed making the implant move to another position. The implant would not fit properly with the surrounding skin tissue. If the surrounding tissue remains undamaged and functional, there would be no problem caused. However, if the skin tissue is pushed, pressed down, or if there is a deal space, then the skin tissue cannot remain healthy and functional.

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This physiological match of the implant with the nose is the life or death matter. The same applies to the cartilage, skin, or fat transplant as well.

Nose surgery can be thought of as three dimensional example of a building being remodeled. You cannot change the foundation such as the electricity, water pipe, and others in order to change the shape of the building. Changing the foundation would lead to side effects. The most representative side effect would be infection and bending of the nose.

There is a possibility of hindrance in circulation due to the usage of the implant.
If the surrounding tissue of the implant is not healthy, then there is a breakage in the physiological match.

These two situations would be the source or the cause of infection on the nose after the surgery.

If you are already infected, 

Not all infection, including that from microorganism, lead to symptoms. Most infections have more sleeping effects underneath such as that of an iceberg. If the infection causes itching, edema, fever, oppressive pain, then there is something much larger under the iceberg.

If there is clinical symptom that pops up and disappears often, this means that the iceberg is rising then going down repeatedly. It’s not that the iceberg is getting smaller and larger again.

All the infection or the bending of the nose caused with the movement of the implant are caused by the physiological mismatch of the foreign substance and the original nose skin tissue. The treatment to this would be returning to the original state.

If the implant is the problem, then it should be removed or changed. If the implant is pressurizing the cartilage or the skin then there should be changes made in order for it to be physiologically matching with the nose.

If the outcome of the first surgery leads to severe damage to the skin tissue and inability of the nose resisting the changes, then the implant should be completely removed without any hesitation.

It is best to go back to the original state and hope for the better future, then to leave it as it is.

Today, we looked at the core issue in structural nose surgery. A good nose surgery would lead to good physiological balance between the nose and the implant used.

There would not be any infection / bending / twisting of the nose, and the skin would not change form also.

Thank you for reading. Have a great day.

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