Scar-less Breast lift surgery for saggy breast

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Scar-less Breast lift surgery for saggy breast

Does it leave no scars left after the surgery?

Kies-u Dermal fixing breast lift surgery dissects off the dermis and conducts the surgery underneath the dermis causing no scars.

Normal procedure for saggy breast correction would include dissection of the cells and tying up to lift the breasts. This leads to up-side-down T-shaped scar as a result.

breast correction

However, the advantage of Dermal fixing breast lift surgery is that is only incises the area around the areola therefore one does not need to worry about the scars. 

Does the sagging breasts definitely lift up?

The saggy breast correction is not an easy surgery. There are many patients who complain that the breasts have been lifted after the surgery, and there are cases where the lift-up is complete but after some time, the breast become saggy again. However, we can guarantee that the Dermal fixing breast lift surgery has a definite outcome.


There are many cases where the implant is used and there are those where implant is not used by just fixing the breasts.

When can I do this?

Dermal fixing breast lift surgery cannot be applied to all types of saggy breasts. Please refer to the table below.


Best effect can be achieved for those patients who are young and do not have naturally large breasts.

What is the surgical procedure?

As you can see in the images, the surgery includes incision oval shape area of the nipple and the areola to expose the dermis and replacing it upwards to 12 o’clock direction and fixing the location.

During the surgery, we can reduce or overlap the skin flap to ease on the slagging feel of the breasts along with many other procedures that we can apply

What are some side effects?

Bleeding, infection, scars are some common side effects of all types of surgeries. However, bleeding and infection is minimized if proceeding with dermis only. There may be some scars near the areola after the surgery for a few weeks, but the scar goes away soon and the surroundings of the areola look better. 

Today we looked at the scar-less breast lifting surgery, the Dermal fixing breast lift surgery

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