How big should my implants be? - breast implant size decision

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How big should my implants be?

This is the most frequent question I get from my clients.

Many talkings with my clients go by as belows.

client ; "I do not want too big size. I want natural and optimal one for my body."

doctor ; "Then you want cup B?"

clinet ; "........ at least C or D."

doctor ; "Haven't you told me you want natural look?"

client ; "Yes, I hope natural one. But  I'm afraid I would not be satisfied with cup B after the operation."

Because the name of this surgery is 'augmentation', generally the bigger, the better.

But as long as it does not exceed the acceptable limit of one's body.

If the implant is too big to look natural, then we would not call it 'successful'.

Then what is the problem with too big implants?

1) Weird shape

If the implant is too big, it could exceed the acceptability of the breast envelope.
The skin - breast envelope expand here and there, to the maximal tension.
That tensile power makes the breast shape not good.
The breast might have  upper fullness, and it makes big but not beautiful shape.

2) implant durability

If the space is narrow but something big is inserted anyway, then the contents should be collapsed or folded. With time goes by, the folded portion of implant get frictional forces repeatedly and finally it can have crack or rupture.

3) tissue atrophy

A big implant present expanding power on the skin envelope. It makes the breast envelope thinner. With more time, skin must be even thinner.

Ultimately the implant can be palpable and visible through the paper thin skin at the margin. We call this, 'tissue atrophy of the breast envelope'.

If a big implant put enormous pressure on the bottom of the chest cage for a long time, then the rib bone can be dug. (bone erosion)

Breast augmentaion surgery is, a technique that inserts a foreign material  into human body.
The point of this surgery is, How well the material does match the patient's body.

Once the operation performed, then the implant will dwell in the patient's pocket permanently, so it is very important for the patient how well it fits for the body. The volume, the height, width, thickness, every parameter is important.

Firstly the surgeon measures the width of the patient's breast. And it is the first considerable factor for decision making.

The second factor is the skin tightness. If the breast envelope is tight, then the pocket space would not be enough for the implants. And the skin envelope will get too much tension.
For large volume implant, the skin envelope has to be loose.

These 2 factors are the most important points for decision making processes of the implant volume.

Breast width and the skin tightness.

A surgeon has to measure them objectively and make a rational and discreet decision.

So that's it for today. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

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